Amazon Attributes

Why amazon attributes are important

The reason why back end attributes are important

What up party people!? 

I came back from Prosper - didn't even make it to the show and got really hammered on Monday night and was super sick. 

Thought I would kick this off with a little bit of lively-ness

If you have been following me for some time you would know that I love to talk about back end attributes, not just search terms which you should always rotate and keep a close eye on (oh yeah check your bytes - not your characters - here is a video from 2019 showing what I mean-- you can also call this the pink test in the back end of Amazon) 

What I am talking is your product attribution fields in the back end-- see below

here is a close-up 

Callouts for product- vegan and paleo 

Those do not magically appear there. 

You have to include these into different fields in the back end / flat file

This is for the grocery category - so keep in mind these call-outs for another category on the detail page might not be available yet - but do not sleep on them. 

You can find the section under specialty in the flat file - make sure you have the most recent flat-file downloaded 

Or you can find it under details tab in the back end 

Don't forget about the other fields as well! 

One rule of thumb I always like to do is keep an eye out as if you were the customer. 

There are all kinds of little things you can do to help the CX and to help your sales on Amazon. 

Much love, 

Brett Bohannon


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