Amazon Changes Back end Search term Length

Big change coming across for you generic keywords / search terms in the back end of your listing

Changes to Back end search term limit

Amazon has officially changed the back end Generic Keyword / Search term field from 250 bytes to 500.. and then some

Quick breakdown of what I am seeing:

1. In the back end there used to be one line item, now you can include 5 total line items 

5 total line items with 500 character limit

2. You can add up to 500 characters into EACH line item - I thought initially it would trigger a warning but upon testing it did not trigger any warnings but this is not the case

490 Characters on each line item with no errors

490 Characters total

 What this means:

a. You can have up to 2,500 bytes in your back end generic keyword field / search terms

b. I believe this is a move to create shorter titles , as more than 50% of searches are on mobile and Amazon is working to create a better user experience

c. Lets see if this sticks

Rad change - but this could cause some new theories around ranking weights for certain parts of your listings.

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