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Back end Attribute Force changes

Recently I was making some changes for a brand that is in the grocery category and in the back end I was forced to change the unit count.

Before- the unit count was a 48 count - meaning that the product was a 48 pack of this particular product.

After- I was forced to change this attribute in the back end as shown below.

Amazon has actually search suppressed an item an another category (beauty and health) for the wrong Unit count type

Here are my takeaways for this:

1. Amazon can and will change anything they want just because

2. You will not be able to catch this unless you are working in the back end

3. Could this change be due to bad actors taking advantage of attribution

There is a constant consideration of what unit type to have on your listings. If you look at the first page for a certain drink before they made this change you would see a the unit type all over the board, now - you see it mostly fl oz (with some random ones as ounces and count -- who have not been in their back end yet).

This is a transition that allows more streamline attributes across categories.

In retail you will see on the shelves that the broken down value or cost per X is done by the either FL OZ, grams, Ounce, etc.

Closing takeaway and action steps to check your listings:

This is a good thing. in the past I have tested this and changing

Action step:

1. Go here:

2. Click on:

3. if you click on Invalid information you will see when you have to verify your listings