Creating a hard bundle

Quick and dirty way to create a hard bundle two pack

Creating a hard bundle set up from an existing single pack listing

Lets dive into how to set up a 2 pack hard bundle (not virtual bundle) for an existing product.

You can get this done within 10-15 minutes within Amazon.

New 2 pack set up:

  1. Gather the information of the single pack from the category Listings report

  2. Copy and paste that information into a new line on the excel sheet

  3. Have everything the same except the SKU, UPC Model number and title Bullet points can stay the same.. Title needs to change to showcase the 2 pack Main Photo will have to be updated

    1. If you don’t have a UPC get a GTIN exemption for the product

4. If making into a variation - Create a new line for the parent - follow instructions below to do so

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