Ranking Drop? A case study of fixing it

How I was able to fix a ranking drop scenario

Ranking Drop? A case study of fixing it

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Recently there was an issue with an account that I manage. Essentially their rankings over night dropped down to the 30ish rankings from the top 5. Below is a little context:

Some context: This brand had steady sales and dropped in ranking for main KW right after 4/7. We saw a decrease in sales going into Easter weekend, but I think that is "normal" for this time. This year is the first year we are probably getting back to normal purchasing behavior (saw this with other accounts as well).This brand has been around for a while, and we saw a decent rebound after the weekend, but rankings were funky, dropping about 20-30 places funky. So theories started to fly, and the analysis ensued.Here are some thoughts and ideas of what is going on:Amazon is testing some new algo change - this can sometimes be referred to as Rank 32.But here is the deal, and the caveat on this, I don't think this is affecting everyone. The reason: it's only affecting stale listings. Let me explain…Listings that have been sitting for a while, that have not been updated with new attributes, with new content, your stuff stinks, and Amazon is punishing you for it. This can be bullets with all CAPS, titles with "| " in them, words in the listing that are not allowed… so basically Amazon is doing a big sweep.

Here is an explanation of how it was corrected:

What we did to fix:

  • Changed image so there was no watermarks

  • Removed any potential words that are are prohibited words

  • Shorten the bullet points to below 250 characters

Call outs:

  • Started to get impacted 4.9 but saw a decrease in sales prior

  • Changed the above from 4/9 - 4/15

  • Last thing we did was change the bullet points on 4/15 to under 250 characters

  • Accidently change to old bullet points on 4/21

    • Changed back 4/22

  • Notes: we started pushing on ads on 4/1

    • Like foot on the pedal to the medal push

The biggest mover was trimming up the bullet points to under 250 characters, my personal opinion and base don this data: changing all of the attributes helped with the bounce back faster.

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